The benefits of artificial turf are numerous, and it’s great that you’re looking at installing some in your backyard or commercial space. While our artificial turf is extremely versatile, it’s essential that you install it correctly.

For all you DIYers out there, we’ve put together a small and easy to follow guide on getting your artificial grass correctly installed. We know that there’s nothing worse than spending money on a product only to have the installation go horribly wrong, so follow the below guide when you install your artificial grass and you’ll have a fantastic space that will last for years.

Follow our simple artificial turf installation process:

Step 1 – Inspect the surface

We begin by assessing the site to establish the sub base required, this should be a MINIMUM 50mm of compacted crusher dust. Levels, depths and compaction rate are assessed to determine ratio of sub base materials.

Step 2 – Lawn removal

The existing lawn is removed and site excavated to required depth. The sub base is levelled graded and compacted to aid water flow to existing drains. This is an important step in your installation and failing to complete this properly can lead to flooding.

Step 3 – Fit and secure fake grass

The artificial turf is then fitted and secured. The method of securing the turf is determined by project site.
Our landscaping turf does not require sand or rubber infill. If you require more information on fitting and securing methods, please contact our team.

While those with the desire can use their DIY skills to install our artificial turf in their own backyards, there’s a lot to know when it comes to our individual products and the correct method for their installation. Although we recommend our professional team to install our artificial turf, we can provide installation instructions to assist you if you have the necessary DIY skills to perform the install yourself.

Watch our quick video below for a walk through of our installation process, and of course feel free to contact our team if you are looking for any advice.

Synthetic Turf quick installation guide from Gary Henshaw on Vimeo.