It is no secret that synthetic grass is extremely versatile, especially given its popularity in the market. People have come up with ingenious and original ways to use it around their home, moving from just a lawn solution to a feature that your family and guests will love alike.

  1. Pool Surrounding

When you have a pool as one of the key features of your backyard, you want to ensure that it looks great year-round. For this, people have taken to using artificial turf around their pool area. Not only does this increase the ‘wow factor’ of your pool, it is great for those entering and exiting the pool due to its built-in drainage. Unlike normal grass, it does not get muddy when wet.

It will offer a new and diverse look to your pool area, ensuring that it remains the focal point of your backyard.

  1. Children’s Backyard Area

It is common for your grass to become sparse and damaged due to little feet running across the area regularly. Add swing sets and trampolines on top of it, and you could have a patchy and unattractive looking lawn. A way to combat this is by installing synthetic turf in the area. Not only is it highly durable, but it remains soft to touch and easy to clean. No longer will you have to worry about the state of your grass, and your children can get back to being children without getting muddy.

  1. Practice Putting Green

Refine your golfing skills in the privacy of your own home by installing a putting green. You can come straight home after work and unwind on your synthetic putting green with ease. By using our non-directional, dense pro putting turf, you can improve your golfing skills in no time.

  1. Balcony Flooring

When living in the bustling city, your backyard may be restricted to a small balcony area extending off your apartment. If you’re missing the lush grass that is common in suburban backyards, then why not transform your balcony area into a green haven! Synthetic turf can be an incredible addition to any balcony area, and give you the greenery that you have been missing. Not only will it be a notable feature, but it will be a welcomed low-maintenance addition. From this simple inclusion, you can create an incredible outdoor feature no matter how far off the ground you are.

  1. Dressing Up Outdoor Necessities

We all have an area that goes overlooked in the grand scheme of our backyards. Whether it’s due to a lack of sun or large tree, the area we wheel our rubbish bins over stones, we all have the sore spot that remains untouched and disjointed from the rest of our yard. This is where synthetic turf comes in handy, giving the area a uniform and clean appearance.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to including synthetic turf around your home. In order to find out more, get in touch with us at Lush Turf Solutions today!