People who suffer from grass allergies know too well how uncomfortable and frustrating the occurrence can be. Many spend years avoiding doing things they love like spending time relaxing in their yards because all too soon they will have to flee inside with terrible symptoms.

It is not necessarily the grass itself that can cause an allergic reaction but sometimes allergies are due to the pollens that are present in the weeds that can grow in grass.

Symptoms of Grass Allergies

Those who suffer allergies can feel like the symptoms are a nightmare. There are plenty of allergy medications available today but taking these on a daily basis simply because you can’t enjoy your backyard without them is no way to live.

Symptoms that will occur all at once are headaches, watery eyes, fatigue, runny nose, congestion and sneezing.

No Escape

Considering moving to a new area won’t help as eventually people who suffer allergies will become allergic to the new pollens from grass and weeds they are exposed to. Sadly, where grass and pollen allergies are concerned, there is no escape.

As long as the sufferer is near the grass, the symptoms will continue. But there is some good news.

Same grass look, without the sneezing and irritation. Lush Turf Solutions has the perfect solution for people who are unable be near real grass and that’s hygienic artificial turf. Artificial turf looks absolutely amazing and there are no chemicals or pesticides required, thus making it safe for everyone.

The other great thing about artificial turf is that there is very little maintenance required and, of course, no mowing. This means 365 days a year you have a beautiful lush lawn that is drought proof and stays looking great regardless of whether it is in the sun or shade.

Perfect Anywhere

Whether you want to add the turf in a pool area, yard, children’s play area or another spot, it will be the perfect place. This highly durable product can last for 15 years and it is safe for pets and children. Unlike the older style astro turf, synthetic turf is non abrasive and won’t graze knees.

Ready to DIY – If you are inclined to do a bit of DIY around the house then Lush Turf can provide you with all the materials required to install the turf yourself. They also offer a full installation service.

If you would like more information on amazing synthetic turf, contact Lush Turf Solutions by visiting online and viewing the FAQ section today.