When you really think about it, maintaining a lawn involves a whole lot of work – and it isn’t particularly friendly to the environment. Between using gallons of water to keep it green, having to mow it using gas-powered mowers and relying on toxic fertilisers, there are plenty of environmental costs to keeping a lawn in top condition. These days, more and more people are turning to Artificial Grass Brisbane company Lush Turf in order to reduce the negative impact that they have on the environment.

Reduce the Amount of Water That You Use

Water conservation is a critical thing. Every year, thousands and thousands of gallons of water are used just to keep Australians’ lawns green. As attractive as lush, green grass may be, the damage and waste that are inflicted on the environment hardly make it worth it. Instead of running your sprinkler for a few hours every day, you can have Brisbane artificial grass installed instead. There’s no need to water artificial grass; using it not only helps the environment, but it helps reduce your water bill, too.

Steer Clear of Harmful Fertilisers

In an effort to keep their lawns free of pests, weeds and other problems, many homeowners rely on a bevy of toxic fertilisers. Based on their smell alone, it is clear that these aren’t the safest things in the world. Did you know that the fertilisers you use can seep into the groundwater, contaminating it and even getting into waterways? When you use artificial grass, there’s no need to use fertilisers – it looks great no matter what.

Put That Lawnmower Away

One of the biggest hassles involved in maintaining a lawn is keeping the grass trimmed. Mowing the lawn is not only an onerous chore, but it produces a great deal of pollution as well. In fact, studies have shown that using a lawnmower for one hour is equivalent to driving a regular car about 60 kilometres. Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to choke the air around your house with fumes from a lawnmower. Simply have it installed and be done with it – it couldn’t be easier!

Green Living Can Be Convenient, Too!

When you take all of its benefits into consideration – especially the many eco-friendly points – it’s easy to see why Brisbane Artificial Grass from Lush Turf is such an excellent option. Better still, when you make the switch to artificial grass you’re not just helping the environment – you’re reducing the amount of outdoor work that you have to do. Ultimately, artificial grass will help you lead a greener lifestyle, while saving you a significant amount of money, too. Simplify your life – and help save the planet – by installing artificial grass today.