If you are considering artificial grass from Lush Turf Solutions and have a dog you may wonder how this change will affect your furry family member. As the yard is primarily the dog’s home turf owners might be concerned that this change will be a negative one or not be suitable for dogs.

The habits of dogs

Dogs like to run, play and dig. Often people reconsider the idea of getting a dog because they are put off by the idea of ruined lawns and mess being brought inside by dirty paws.

Is artificial grass safe for your dog or other pets?

The answer is YES, The artificial grass that Lush Turf Solutions supply is free from heavy metals and completely safe. Your lawn will look Lush and Green all year round without the need for fertilisation or weedkiller which can be harmful to animals. With perfect artificial grass you no longer need to consider such use of chemicals.

Will the surface be too rough?

The artificial grass that you would have installed in your yard is nothing like the astro turf that you would find in sporting centres. It’s a common misconception that what you find at your local indoor soccer arena is what you would have in your yard.

There are more options these days than there used to be. Lush Meadow and Lush Lawn are both very natural looking and soft. There is no risk of ‘carpet burn’, etc. because the fibres are not abrasive to the skin.

Dog mess

Dog faeces and urine are no problem for artificial grass. It will not stain the turf and the solid waste can be scooped up and hosed away as you would with natural grass.

There are more benefits to artificial turf where dogs are concerned. The thick base matting discourages digging.  As there is no soft soil surface to dig out, dogs soon get the message when they try to dig. No pits and divots in the lawn means a cleaner environment, no muddy paw prints through the house.

Contact Lush Turf Solutions today to organise your quote and enjoy perfect grass all year round for you and your pets.