Grass makes the surrounding aesthetically appealing. In playing fields, parks and children’s playground, grass is almost a necessity to complete those areas. Using natural grass for different areas, however, can cost so much. If the lawn area covers several square metres, the costs associated with the simple maintenance of the grass will definitely hurt the pockets. This is why artificial grass is, by far, more beneficial to use in many landscaping applications.

Artificial grass proves excellent to use in sports fields such as soccer, netball or cricket. These sports usually require huge areas covered in lawn, which would cost a lot to buy, and much more to water, fertilise and mow. Artificial grass also makes it easier to bring some sports indoors, whereas natural grass is not too ideal as it will need a good supply of sunlight. Another benefit of artificial grass over naturally grown turf is the durability under extensive use. Grass in sports fields, in particular, gets exposed to easy damage from all the kicking, running and skidding so much so that the grass is almost gone by the time of the finals. With artificial grass, the lawn will remain to have the same lush appearance throughout many tournaments.

The environmental benefits of artificial grass also exceed that of natural grass. Although some would easily think that natural grass is more environmentally friendly because it promotes natural vegetation, overall, the water conserved from using artificial turf outweighs the benefits of natural grass. Tons of water could be conserved in a year if artificial grass were to replace large areas of grass in public places. Artificial grass also does away with fertilisers that could badly damage the soil and water system.

Maintenance is one of the top advantages of artificial grass over natural grass. There is no need for mowing, regular watering, weeding and fertilising. This equates to lower utility and labour costs, making synthetic grass ideal for applications in public areas such as playgrounds, parks and school sports areas. Artificial turf is also a viable solution for public areas that need to maintain the lush green look of the groundcover throughout the year, or for areas that require a particular colour that will remain the same all year round.

Artificial grass is markedly more beneficial to use in various applications as they look and feel like natural grass without the costly maintenance and utility costs that go with naturally grown grass. The environmental benefits and low maintenance attribute of artificial grass far outweigh the benefits of naturally grown lawn.