When Lush Turf Solutions began installing our synthetic turf products way back in 2007 it was a new concept for many of our customers. It took a great deal of creative marketing to expose the “new generation” turf to the market.


People thought of short shiny Astro Turf from the 60’s  rather than Lush Green natural looking products that enhance the landscape.


This is a typical project image that shows how our product can transform an area, with a true low maintenance turf that does not require any infill.

image1 Artificial Grass for Real Play

How about people that don’t have a conventional backyard but still want that green space that we all strive for, Roof top gardens are becoming a feature in high rise city and coastal dwellings.


This at Noosaville property with Lush Lawn featured, what a fantastic view enhanced by Lush Turf Solutions product.
image2 Artificial Grass for Real Play
Child care facilities will appreciate the clean environment brought about by quick drying ground cover such as our Lush Meadow turf, it’s lush green colour and soft texture is a practical addition to any play area.

image3 Artificial Grass for Real Play

Whatever your Ideas for greening up your backyard, speak to Lush Turf Solutions, you will be impressed by the transformation.