The drive towards greener spaces and environmentally friendly solutions in everyday living is becoming more and more popular. This is what moves every member of society to take on actions such making their places more eco friendly. In such cases they go about adopting energy with zero emissions or increasing green spaces whenever possible. One of the accepted solutions for many is the use of artificial grass in spaces where it is not too practical to grow real grass.

The use of astro turf in open spaces in homes, offices and other institutions is a viable solution for people wanting to make eco friendly actions. Synthetic grass, which is produced to look and feel just like natural grass, can make gardens and other open spaces green while at the same time achieving significant energy savings.

Unlike real grass, artificial grass does not require watering, which would equate to huge cost savings in water consumption. This is in line with water conservation efforts that are part of many environment friendly movements. The bigger the area where artificial grass is applied, the bigger the volume of water conserved and the costs associated with it. This is most desired in huge areas such as sports fields and large public parks, which will need similarly large amounts of water.

Cost savings are also achieved when using artificial grass in place of natural lawn since there is no need to apply fertilisers and pesticides to the grass area. This is not only cost effective, it also does away with discharging chemicals from fertilisers and pesticides that may be harmful to waterways. Environmentalists have raised concerns over the use of chemical compounds found in pesticides and fertilisers that are not organic. These chemicals are found to be harmful to animals and humans, with some of them considered to be carcinogenic.

Although at first, artificial grass may be costly, it offers maintenance benefits to users. With synthetic grass, the space is kept green all year round without the need for water, fertilisers and pesticides. There is also no need for mowing, which is an additional cost, especially when the lawn area is huge. Eliminating the need for mowing machines is also environmentally friendly since there would be no pollution coming from the mowing activity.

There are many advantages to applying artificial grass in place of real grass. Since they look and feel the same as real grass, the experience is not at all diminished and it becomes less laborious and less expensive for owners of the grass covered lot.