To have a lush green garden is the dream of every homeowner but with real grass this dream is difficult to achieve because extreme weather has always proved to be a curse for natural grass. It cannot endure extreme weather conditions and you often find your lawn full of yellow patches and weeds. Now with artificial grass you can turn your dream into reality and enjoy a green lawn all year round. The popularity of artificial grass can be judged form the fact that there are now an increased number of people who are converting their natural grass lawns to artificial grass lawns.

There are many reasons for installing artificial turf. Extremely low maintenance cost is one of the main reasons why people prefer artificial grass over its natural counterpart. Artificial turf requires no trimming, cutting, mowing or watering. This helps saving on electricity and water bills considerably. You just need to use a simple broom or leaf blower to clean your garden occasionally. Another important factor for preferring artificial grass is the durability. It can last for about fifteen years without any considerable damage. So once you have installed the artificial grass there is no need to worry about a replacement for many years. It can even be moved to other places of required.

Another major factor is its aesthetically pleasing green look. You will never find it fading or looking worn out. It gives a lush green and fresh look in every climatic condition and season. By using artificial grass in your garden you can create a fake lawn that is a remarkable imitation of the natural grass. The development in the materials and textures used for artificial grass has made it possible to give a more natural look and feel.

Artificial grass is quite safe for children. It is free from all sorts of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers for maintenance. This artificial grass lawn can be very convenient for your children to play any kind of game without worrying about dirt marks and grass stains.

Artificial turf is easy to install and to maintain on any area where unfavourable weather or water restrictions do not allow natural grass to grow. It is ideal for residential, commercial and school gardens. Artificial grass is also an ideal choice for play grounds and sports arenas. The improved quality of the artificial turf makes it appear just like the original thing and is a more cost-effective option in the long run.