Artificial grass has been in existence for more than fifty years.

Originally, it was used experimentally on sports grounds where it was essential to play on grass surfaces. This led to indoor, as well as outdoor baseball and football stadiums springing up in the United States. The artificial grass was reasonably successful, which led to non-sporting organisations delving into its possibilities. In the 1980s some English football clubs installed artificial grass on their pitches. Although it looked great, there were complaints from the players. One complaint was that the ball did not bounce the same as it did on natural grass.

What is astro turf?

Astro turf is just another name for artificial grass. It looks like grass and almost feels like grass. It is made from various recycled materials, such as bottles, raffia fibres and a mixture of other synthetic yarns. They are all very friendly to the environment

What are the advantages to installing synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass has many advantages over natural grass. Let’s look at some of these:

  • It is easier to maintain. In fact, there is hardly any maintenance involved.
  • It doesn’t require any water, which is a great saving, considering the high cost of water.
  • It doesn’t have to be mowed regularly, which appeals to those whose responsibility is to take care of their gardens. It also saves on fuel costs.
  • It is very soft and safe for children. Several playgrounds in Australia have been laid with artificial grass and they are a great success. From a health point of view, it is lead free and non-allergic
  • Children and mothers love it. Why? Mothers welcome that their little ones can play for hours without getting their clothes muddied or stained as happens with natural grass.
  • It is hard-wearing. Whatever games are played, the grass always looks stunning no matter how roughly it is treated.
  • It doesn’t fade. The Australian sun can’t damage the grass.
  • Minimal cleaning is required. A little water and a special detergent can be used if required.
  • Insects aren’t attracted to it in the same way that they linger in natural grass.

These are just a few advantages gained from installing artificial grass, but there are many others.

Are there other uses for artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be installed in pet kennels. It is ideal as a flat carpet for dogs or any other pets that sleep in an enclosed space. This grass looks great around swimming pools or on balconies. Natural grass will always have its place in parks and gardens, but artificial grass is also making its mark throughout the world.