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Maximum Impact, Minimum Fuss: Designer Gardens with Synthetic Grass

Every day the climate changes and trends turn a new corner, making it harder and harder to maintain a contemporary landscaped garden without constant maintenance and redesign.

Enter synthetic turf. Not only is it cost effective and time efficient, advancing synthetic turf technology means there is now more options to choose from to create the perfect patch of grass.

As our urban spaces get smaller, home owners, developers and gardeners alike are

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A history lesson in Synthetic Grass

1965 was a great year for inventions. Not only did we see the first home smoke detectors, compact discs, and the original Star Trek series, but we saw the original synthetic grass dubbed ‘Chem Turf’ come to life.

From Chem to Astro

It wasn’t until 1966 that we saw it in wide use. The popular Astrodome Stadium had encountered a problem with their natural grass. Well, more accurately the sportsman that used

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Why Is Synthetic Grass Best For Schools?

With more and more schools each year choosing to use synthetic turf instead of traditional natural grass for their recreational areas, it’s time to examine just why this form of landscape material is so popular. Why, you may ask, would you install a synthetic material when grass could work just as well? In short: because it doesn’t. Grass has many shortcomings that can be easily solved by opting for synthetic

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Top 5 Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass and its demand in the market has been rapidly growing in recent years. Its first uses were usually limited to sports arenas, rugby and football fields, and baseball stadiums. Today, we see it more and more in residential and commercial applications .

If you struggle to nurture natural grass lawns for one reason tor another, these 5 benefits of artificial grass might help you to become a believer of

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Improving the Landscape

Artificial Turf in Problem Areas

Many waterside properties have a glorious view of the river, ocean or lake, they also have the issue of how the waterside environment affects their lawn.

Artificial turf  from Lush Turf Solutions has been manufactured from the most technologically advanced materials. Our turf products are not affected by salt water, high winds or damp conditions.

Installing synthetic turf  is a good solution if your natural turf is

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Synthetic Turf for Balconies and Roof Top Gardens

Roof Tops

Synthetic Turf is a very practical product, it has many uses and applications, the most common being landscaping and sports fields.

The need for green space in modern day habitats sees a creative use of roof tops and balconies for leisure activities.

Having green space on a rooftop garden or a balcony is easy and achievable with artificial grass. The obvious challenges of laying natural grass on

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