The thing about dogs is that they love the outdoors. For those of you that are looking at getting synthetic grass, or already have it and are looking at getting a dog, you could be concerned about how they will take to this type of product.

There are a number of perks associated with having synthetic grass for your dog, and you both will be able to reap the benefits of this versatile and durable product.

No Noticeable Difference

Most of the time, your pet will not even notice a difference between natural and artificial grass because of the similarity in aesthetics. Synthetic grass functions in a similar way to natural grass, with any liquids (yes, including urine) being soaked through to the base and drained away. It has no effect on the colouration of the grass, and if any concerns arise you can simply wash it down with a bit of water.

No Nasties

One of the major benefits of having synthetic grass over natural for your dog’s environment is that it deters fleas and ticks from finding refuge in your dog’s fur. It is highly unlikely that such parasites will be found inside of artificial turf, as it isn’t a natural habitat for them to gain benefits from.

No Burrs

No longer will your dog have to endure you brushing away those prickles and burrs that often get tied up in their fur. You also won’t have to fear walking through your garden barefoot only  to have one pricking your skin.

No Mud

There is no need to follow your dog with a mop or broom, removing dirt and mud that has unwelcomely entered your household. With synthetic turf, you will not experience having mud and dirt constantly attached to your dog’s paws, unlike natural grass. This extends to children who love the outdoors, with no mud coming back inside on their shoes after a spot of backyard sports.

No Worries

With all of these benefits, it’s a wonder that you would get any more. But one more aspect that can be noted with synthetic grass is that dogs tend to enjoy the feel of the grass.

Not only will your dog feel the benefits of your choice to have synthetic grass, but you will too! It will save you a lot of time, effort and money down the line and help you expand your love for all things outdoors. Get the turf solution that is relatively hassle free, and opt for synthetic grass around your home today.