How Synthetic Grass Suits Different Lifestyles

Synthetic grass occupies a unique position with regards to lawn maintenance. Synthetic grass should not just be considered as an alternative to those seeking a low maintenance option – instead, this kind of product

Considering the Cost of Your Lawn

Cost effectiveness for synthetic lawns goes beyond simple lawn maintenance. Although there are large and ongoing upkeep costs that are avoided with the installation of synthetic lawns, such as watering and fertilising, there are other

Why Synthetic Grass Is A Cost-Effective Solution

There is a major misconception with synthetic grass: that it is more expensive than natural grass. Many homeowners for this reason turn to natural grass as their lawn of choice, but unknowingly are putting

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Your Dog

The thing about dogs is that they love the outdoors. For those of you that are looking at getting synthetic grass, or already have it and are looking at getting a dog, you could