Where Can You Use Synthetic Grass?

When you think of artificial grass many people think of having it as a lawn or in indoor play centres. But did you know there is a whole different range of uses for artificial grass

Artificial Grass for Real Play

When Lush Turf Solutions began installing our synthetic turf products way back in 2007 it was a new concept for many of our customers. It took a great deal of creative marketing to expose theĀ "new

Solutions For Dog Owners

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility and often, a great mess. Dogs love digging, running and generally causing a little havoc in their back yards often to the chagrin of the owners. At Lush

Public Areas Benefit From Synthetic Grass

The benefits of synthetic grass in residential homes are many. Our team at Lush Turf Solutions are constantly thrilled at the great feedback from happy customers on such a fantastic product. The great news about

Fresh Ideas For Synthetic Turf

At Lush Turf Solutions they are very proud to provide their clients with beautiful lawns that are long lasting, low maintenance and allergy free. They also provide astro turf for sporting facilities so that no

Grass Allergies No Problem With Synthetic Grass

When it comes to synthetic grass there is the obvious upside of not having to water, mow, weed or fertilise. But there is also a greater benefit for those who suffer from grass allergies. To