Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to traditional lawns. It was initially designed for sports arenas and playgrounds and was very successful in providing a smooth turf all year round without the need for maintenance. Several outdoor sports have been comfortably played on synthetic turf grounds. Recently, it has been gaining immense popularity in homes. Home owners find it a very attractive option for their lawn as it keeps the outdoors green throughout and does not require much time, effort or money for maintenance. In this way, it turns out to be a more cost-effective solution than the natural lawn.

Artificial grass provides many benefits and this is why it is gaining preference over its natural counterpart. There is no need to water the lawn when you have synthetic turf. You can save thousands of litres of water and make huge savings on your water bill. Another great advantage of artificial grass turf is that there is practically no maintenance required once it is installed. Apart from the fact that no watering is required, you also do not need to fertilise it, mow it or apply pesticides. Mowing can be tedious if you do it yourself and expensive when you ask others to do it for you. Electric lawn mowers can add to your utility bills. All this can be avoided with the use of artificial turf. Cleaning the artificial grass turf is also quite simple. Occasional hosing will clear off all dirt and debris. Pet mess can also be cleaned in the same manner very conveniently.

Synthetic grass looks absolutely gorgeous throughout the year. You do not need to worry about replacing it any sooner as it will neither fade in the sun nor get damaged from weather. Most synthetic grass lawns last in excess of 15 years. The new generation of artificial grass has soft blades which are non abrasive, ideal for children, pets love it too. Artificial turf is available in a wide range of varieties and types to suit your particular requirement. For example, there is a specific variety that is designed for putting. The textures also vary a lot. Some varieties look more lifelike than others.

To have artificial grass can be a valuable investment to your home. Not only does it look and stay beautiful, it takes very little effort to maintain it. It lasts for a long period of time making it an economical option compared to natural grass.