At Lush Turf Solutions, one of the most common questions we receive from clients is about installing fake grass around their swimming pool. To answer this question surrounding pools and synthetic grass, we’ve chosen to write a blog providing many reasons why synthetic grass around pools is an excellent option, and how it can be best maintained.

The benefits of synthetic grass around your pool

We’ve listed some of the most common poolside surfaces below, and why we feel synthetic grass is a viable alternative.

Natural Grass: unlike natural grass, artificial turf will not get muddy and there will be no more grass clippings in your pool. With light maintenance synthetic grass will stay pristine and debris-free year after year. As a bonus, the pool chemicals won’t wither synthetic grass the way it will with real grass.

Tiles: Synthetic grass not only offers a soft surface to relax on after a dip, but it also reduces radiant heat bouncing off a hard surface. Some of these hard surfaces can be slippy and dangerous when wet.

Decking: Decking can age quickly, especially in our harsh climate. High maintenance and continuous staining mean less time to enjoy your pool!

Concrete: Concrete can be harsh and difficult to keep clean. It also gets very hot and retains the heat.

Our clients are always in awe at the transformative and oasis-like result of a pool surrounded by a professional synthetic grass installation.

Install synthetic turf to compliment other surfaces:

Another benefit of fake grass is that it can be installed over or around other flooring surfaces. Do you want to incorporate pavers and synthetic grass? You can. Synthetic grass looks magnificent when cutting around or up to tiles and pavers, concrete, decking, sandstone retaining and edging, leaving it up to your imagination when designing your pool area.

Talk to the experts

Pools are big investments – so when you build one, you want to ensure the landscaping surrounding your pool adds value and longevity. If you’d like to install fake grass around your pool, we suggest reaching out to a professional synthetic turf installation company. They will know the correct site preparation and have the skills, tools, and know-how to ensure the job is done professionally.

For advice and synthetic grass installation services, contact Lush Turf Solutions today.