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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lawn

The choice to make an investment on artificial turf from Lush Turf Solutions is a very wise one. Not only will your lawn look amazing for years to come but with us you are ensured of the highest quality artificial turf available and professional installation.

The important thing to remember after your turf is installed is you need to take care of your lawn. Just like everything in life, the better

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Artificial Grass for Real Play

When Lush Turf Solutions began installing our synthetic turf products way back in 2007 it was a new concept for many of our customers. It took a great deal of creative marketing to expose the “new generation” turf to the market.


People thought of short shiny Astro Turf from the 60’s  rather than Lush Green natural looking products that enhance the landscape.


This is a typical project image that shows how
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Improving the Landscape

Artificial Turf in Problem Areas

Many waterside properties have a glorious view of the river, ocean or lake, they also have the issue of how the waterside environment affects their lawn.

Artificial turf  from Lush Turf Solutions has been manufactured from the most technologically advanced materials. Our turf products are not affected by salt water, high winds or damp conditions.

Installing synthetic turf  is a good solution if your natural turf is

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Synthetic Turf Gradually Replacing Natural Grass on Sports Fields

Young football players believe there is no better fun than sliding along a rain-soaked field during a game, and it is even better if there is some mud involved. However, this can result in injury and sports authorities are recognising the safety benefits of artificial grass. With shock pads and rubber granular infill providing a cushioning effect against impact, young bodies no longer have to withstand the jarring associated

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The Rise of Artificial Turf

There was a time when the words ‘fake grass’ conjured up images of short, plastic looking green carpet rather than lush, realistic looking turf. Oh, how times have changed.

Lush Turf Solutions, a family owned and operated company based in Capalaba, Queensland, recognised the need and desire for real fake grass. A continued and enthusiastic commitment to research, technological development and customer satisfaction over the years is resulting in the

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When Fake is Fabulous

It has been almost 50 years since the first species of astro turf was invented. Astro turf, which is also known as fake grass or synthetic turf, is continually evolving in the manufacturing technique, look, feel, quality and popularity over this time.

Initially, astro turf was designed as an alternative playing surface for sports such as baseball, soccer and gridiron. Nowadays, fake grass is used in a myriad of applications both commercially and

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Creating a Greener Skyline

More and more buildings result in less open spaces. Green open spaces are essential for healthy human development, so it becomes necessary for us to create as many open spaces as we possibly can. One good way of implementing this is by creating green spaces on roof tops to add to the open spaces on the ground.

Commercial and apartment buildings can turn a flat roof into something greener, thus

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Do a Complete Yard Make-Over with Synthetic Turf

The start of a New Year is always an excellent motivator for change. People make resolutions to do something different personally and also to look at their surroundings for areas of improvement. Things that might once have been comfortable may now just look shabby. As householders look forward to a year of home entertaining with friends and family, one area that often needs a make-over is their yard.

Before setting to

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Resort Living Made Easy with Artificial Turf

Lush Turf Solutions has been actively involved in transforming pool sides, commercial landscapes and residential backyards for many years.

Our popular Brisbane artificial grass – Lush Lawn, was recently shown at The Pacific Resort Gold Coast which featured on The Great South East TV Program.

The transformation of the landscaped areas around the pool and the feature walls look FANTASTIC!

Appreciated by the many visitors to the resort, the Synthetic Lawns offer a clean safe environment

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Astro Turf for the Home

Artificial grass has been in existence for more than fifty years.

Originally, it was used experimentally on sports grounds where it was essential to play on grass surfaces. This led to indoor, as well as outdoor baseball and football stadiums springing up in the United States. The artificial grass was reasonably successful, which led to non-sporting organisations delving into its possibilities. In the 1980s some English football clubs installed artificial grass

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