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How Synthetic Grass Suits Different Lifestyles

Synthetic grass occupies a unique position with regards to lawn maintenance. Synthetic grass should not just be considered as an alternative to those seeking a low maintenance option – instead, this kind of product is ideal for those simply unable to tend to a garden at all. By choosing a premium quality synthetic grass, it ensures that gardens for busy or physically handicapped people will look great all year long.


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Hiring A Contractor To Install Your Turf? Things To Consider

Have you ever bought something like a piece of flat-pack furniture or on a bigger scale, a lawn shed or carport, quite confident that putting it together would be easy? Did your project work out well, or turn into a nightmare? Simple calculation errors, not having the right tools and trying to improvise could turn what seems to be a simple task into a frustrating, time consuming chore that, even

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lawn

The choice to make an investment on artificial turf from Lush Turf Solutions is a very wise one. Not only will your lawn look amazing for years to come but with us you are ensured of the highest quality artificial turf available and professional installation.

The important thing to remember after your turf is installed is you need to take care of your lawn. Just like everything in life, the better

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Choosing Synthetic Grass

When you make the decision to have synthetic grass at your home or business you then need to choose the best supplier and the right type of grass for your needs. Our Philosophy is simple, the best quality and service at the best price, Simply contact our team at Lush Turf Solutions and become one of our satisfied customers.

We have been supplying high quality synthetic turf to Australia

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Keep Your Artificial Lawn Fresh and Clean

image001 Keep Your Artificial Lawn Fresh and Clean Are you fed up with problem areas in your yard? Got a shady area where you just can’t grow anything? Is it time to overhaul that concrete pool surround?

Lush Turf Solutions, leading suppliers of premium quality synthetic turf, have the answer.

Installing fake grass, astroturf, synthetic turf, is the perfect solution. Gone is the cold, grey look of concrete. No more

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Tips for Planning a Beautiful Garden Haven

If you have reached a point where you can finally create yourself a little piece of heaven outside your front door, then it’s time to start planning it wisely. There are many different styles of garden that you can consider or maybe even one that you already have in mind. Whether you are interested in something modern and striking, romantic and filled with fairy lights, or country and quaint, bringing

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Artificial Grass Buying Tips

So you are convinced with the numerous benefits offered by artificial grass and have decided to buy it for your home but wondering where to start? This kind of situation is typical for people wanting to buy artificial turf for the first time. What is required before making a purchase is adequate amount of research into a number of areas. First of all you need to determine the purpose

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Tips to Find the Right Artificial Turf Suppliers

A technologically advanced and environmentally friendly product that allows households and businesses to have sustainable grass is possible with the use of artificial grass. Due to the numerous benefits it offers in comparison to natural grass, artificial turf is now very common and customers are constantly searching for the right suppliers and installers of artificial grass. The main benefits of synthetic grass include low maintenance, longevity, good for the

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