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Child Friendly Lawns

Playing outdoors is a must for children. Fresh air, sunshine and some running around are all crucial parts of growing up happy and healthy. Unfortunately though, the great outdoors is sometimes not so great for little ones, especially those with allergies, amongst others.

A simple roll around on the ground with friends in the backyard can soon become an itchy affair teamed with feeling irritated and uncomfortable. Thankfully, at Lush

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How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

Recent statistics show that Australians love to share their dwellings with a non-human, with 63% of households owning pets. Of these, 40% are dogs and there is nothing a dog loves more than chasing a ball around the backyard, rolling in the grass and bringing the ensuing mess up into the house. If this sounds like your beloved pooch, you can eliminate this extra housework and still give the furry

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Where Can You Use Synthetic Grass?

When you think of artificial grass many people think of having it as a lawn or in indoor play centres. But did you know there is a whole different range of uses for artificial grass that home owners and facilities can use? We pride ourselves at Lush Turf Solutions in providing the best synthetic grass product around.

We are committed to offering each of our clients the best service and

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Solutions For Dog Owners

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility and often, a great mess. Dogs love digging, running and generally causing a little havoc in their back yards often to the chagrin of the owners.
At Lush Turf Solutions we have an answer for dog owners, which is sure to keep your home and yard cleaner and looking fantastic no matter what your pooch throws at it.

Daily excitement and

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Public Areas Benefit From Synthetic Grass

The benefits of synthetic grass in residential homes are many. Our team at Lush Turf Solutions are constantly thrilled at the great feedback from happy customers on such a fantastic product. The great news about our high-quality synthetic turf is that it is also perfect for industrial application and use in public spaces.

Schools, parks, playing fields, businesses and more are all cottoning on to the idea that synthetic

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Grass Allergies No Problem With Synthetic Grass

When it comes to synthetic grass there is the obvious upside of not having to water, mow, weed or fertilise. But there is also a greater benefit for those who suffer from grass allergies. To allergy sufferers, the idea of getting out in their back yards and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air is not such a tempting one.

What causes grass allergies?

Suffering from grass allergies is a

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Artificial Grass and Your Dog

If you are considering artificial grass from Lush Turf Solutions and have a dog you may wonder how this change will affect your furry family member. As the yard is primarily the dog’s home turf owners might be concerned that this change will be a negative one or not be suitable for dogs.

The habits of dogs

Dogs like to run, play and dig. Often people reconsider the idea of getting a dog because they

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Allergy Sufferers Won’t Sneeze at Artificial Turf

People who suffer from grass allergies know too well how uncomfortable and frustrating the occurrence can be. Many spend years avoiding doing things they love like spending time relaxing in their yards because all too soon they will have to flee inside with terrible symptoms.

It is not necessarily the grass itself that can cause an allergic reaction but sometimes allergies are due to the pollens that are present in

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Lush Turf Artificial Grass Lasts All Year Round

Quality Synthetic turf fast becoming the alternative to natural grass

Lush Turf Solutions is providing a good alternative to high maintenance natural grass with its artificial turf products. Designed to perfectly resemble natural grass, synthetic grass from Lush Turf Solutions offers many advantages over naturally grown grass.

Lush Turf Solutions credits the success of its artificial grass products to its focus on product design and development. The company is

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Artificial Grass An Eco-Friendly Choice

When you really think about it, maintaining a lawn involves a whole lot of work – and it isn’t particularly friendly to the environment. Between using gallons of water to keep it green, having to mow it using gas-powered mowers and relying on toxic fertilisers, there are plenty of environmental costs to keeping a lawn in top condition. These days, more and more people are turning to Artificial Grass Brisbane

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