How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

Recent statistics show that Australians love to share their dwellings with a non-human, with 63% of households owning pets. Of these, 40% are dogs and there is nothing a dog loves more than chasing a ball around the backyard, rolling in the grass and bringing the ensuing mess up into the house. If this sounds like your beloved pooch, you can eliminate this extra housework and still give the furry

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Solutions For Dog Owners

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility and often, a great mess. Dogs love digging, running and generally causing a little havoc in their back yards often to the chagrin of the owners.
At Lush Turf Solutions we have an answer for dog owners, which is sure to keep your home and yard cleaner and looking fantastic no matter what your pooch throws at it.

Daily excitement and

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Artificial Grass and Your Dog

If you are considering artificial grass from Lush Turf Solutions and have a dog you may wonder how this change will affect your furry family member. As the yard is primarily the dog’s home turf owners might be concerned that this change will be a negative one or not be suitable for dogs.

The habits of dogs

Dogs like to run, play and dig. Often people reconsider the idea of getting a dog because they

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