Playing outdoors is a must for children. Fresh air, sunshine and some running around are all crucial parts of growing up happy and healthy. Unfortunately though, the great outdoors is sometimes not so great for little ones, especially those with allergies, amongst others.

A simple roll around on the ground with friends in the backyard can soon become an itchy affair teamed with feeling irritated and uncomfortable. Thankfully, at Lush Turf Solutions we have the answer to any grass allergy issues and more when it comes to kiddies who want to be outside.

Not so sneezy

Allergies are no fun for anyone but particularly for children. They tend to want to play outdoors more and so if there are any allergies present for them it can make play time uncomfortable and tricky when it comes to play dates.

How many times has your child complained of being itchy and irritated after sitting on the grass outdoors? Showering them off once they come inside is a simple enough solution but not always convenient or eco friendly.

When you have our artificial turf installed and it is kept clean and free of dander and debris your children can play outdoors in a safe and clean environment. Another upside is if there is some rough housing to be had on the grass there will be no grass burns on skin or grass stains left on clothing.

There are more benefits too, aside from playing allergy free.

Tough and durable

Our product is made especially for our Australian climate. This means your lawn will be in shipshape all year round and can withstand any amount of play your children can dish up. If you have pets too, you can be rest assured that their running around playing with the kiddies will not be a problem at all.

Cleaner outside, cleaner inside

Because artificial turf does not get muddy from rain or there is no dirt, your children will stay cleaner whilst they play outside. The good news for you is that there won’t be any dirt trailed inside or muddy footprints left behind when they come back inside.

What’s more, is that artificial turf is generally softer to walk, play and lie down on. This means outdoor play is more comfortable for everyone. Get in touch with our expert team at Lush Turf Solutions today to find out more about our grass, as well as which of our amazing artificial turf products is best suited for you and your family.