Cost effectiveness for synthetic lawns goes beyond simple lawn maintenance. Although there are large and ongoing upkeep costs that are avoided with the installation of synthetic lawns, such as watering and fertilising, there are other costs less likely to be considered when maintaining a natural lawn. In this blog, we examine two that might fly under a homeowner’s radar.

No more lawns dying in summer

A hot summer can be the downfall of many attractive natural lawns. Long periods of time without water in conjunction with very hot weather will first make your lawn go brown (which indicates that it is dormant) followed by it dying off altogether. The constant planting of patches of natural grass takes up your valuable time and money.

Even in extreme heat, synthetic lawn from Lush Turf Solutions maintains the same natural look year round.

Fitting out the tool shed

After laying real grass, it becomes abundantly clear that you will need more than a lawnmower. Edge trimmers, weeding tools, rakes and hoses all add up and may take up precious storage in your garage or shed. This should be considered when choosing between a natural or synthetic lawn.

Ready to save money with synthetic grass?

If you’re looking for a way to cut costs on garden maintenance, installing synthetic grass from Lush Turf Solutions is a great way to do so. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of products or our services by contacting us via our contact form, or you can call us directly on +61 7 3390 2551 and speak to one of our synthetic lawn experts.