The importance of outdoor play cannot be stressed enough when it comes to raising healthy, happy children. Unfortunately, many kids live in areas with limited options in terms of safe places to play. One of the best solutions to this conundrum is artificial grass. Increasingly, playgrounds and other play areas are installing artificial grass in order to create pleasant, safe areas for children to run around in. Learn more about this phenomenon below.

Let Kids Be Kids

When children play on natural, real grass, it can quickly become torn up and unsightly. Kids love to run, tumble and roughhouse; the grass under their feet often becomes trampled and unattractive. Instead of trying to keep real grass looking decent, you can have Lush Turf Solutions installed. Lush Turf Solutions is available in many different shades, hues and configurations. Once installed, it provides a safe surface for kids to have fun on – and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep as it is virtually maintenance free.

A Safer Place To Play

Another very popular scenario involving artificial grass is installing it over rubber mats or other soft materials. This way, if a child falls – as is bound to happen – the impact is reduced. A playing surface of softfall shockpads that is covered in artificial grass is a really wonderful option, to minimise the risk of injury and keep children as safe as possible when they are at play.

An Attractive Choice

When used in children’s playgrounds and play areas, artificial grass doesn’t just keep injuries down – it creates green space to soften the landscape. Real grass can get muddy in wet weather and very dusty in dry conditions. Harmful chemicals are used to control weeds and grubs, Instead of fighting a futile battle to keep the grass on a playground looking presentable, artificial grass is an ideal alternative. It always looks green and pleasing to the eye – no matter how many children run and frolic on it. From an aesthetic standpoint, artificial grass is a natural choice for playgrounds.

Don’t Keep Them Cooped Up

With an artificial grass play area, your children will be much more eager to play outside as often as possible, even after rain you will find the area clean and free from muddy patches. So no more issues with muddy footprints through the house.