The start of a New Year is always an excellent motivator for change. People make resolutions to do something different personally and also to look at their surroundings for areas of improvement. Things that might once have been comfortable may now just look shabby. As householders look forward to a year of home entertaining with friends and family, one area that often needs a make-over is their yard.

Before setting to it with fertiliser, pesticides and enough water to drain Wivenhoe Dam, it could be time to think outside the square and examine the benefits of re-doing the area with synthetic turf. Forget the stereotype artificial grass that was doing the rounds twenty years ago. This industry has made huge strides in that time with new technology creating a product that looks and feels like Nature intended.

High Quality, Long Lasting and Looks Like Real Grass

Lush Turf Solutions is a local company that offers a total package from site preparation and full installation by their expert installers to a DIY option for the person who wants to take the hands-on approach. Their product looks nothing like the shiny plastic flat pile grass that was on offer some years ago. The company has invested heavily in research and development to come up with a product that can handle the harsh Australian environment. The quality is of such a high standard that the product is in demand all over the world on high profile projects.

With fibres that are UV stabilised to handle the harshest climate, high quality backing that promotes longevity and an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty, Lush Turf Solutions have brought to the market a synthetic turf that is second to none. They are able to offer this lengthy warranty because they know that the product, when properly installed, will last for at least 15 years and up to 20. Their installers are experienced and their site preparation techniques will guarantee a professional finish.

No More Allergies, Wheezing and Sneezing

This synthetic turf is an excellent alternative for people with grass seed allergies and asthmatics who struggle with the contaminants thrown into the air with regular mowing of natural grass. Children love how it feels and rolling around on it does not produce itchy skin, watery eyes, rashes and nasty contacts with insects. Pet droppings can be easily removed and any residue quickly hosed off, keeping the area clean and hygienic.

Lush Turf Solutions know there are other competitors in the market, so they offer a price guarantee to back up the quality of their product and service to clients. Simply present a full quotation from any competitor and the Lush Turf people will compare and evaluate the information against their quote to support their lowest price guarantee.

When your yard has had a make-over with this synthetic turf, all that work and expense to maintain a natural lawn disappears. What other things could be done in the time it takes to maintain a natural lawn over a 20 year period? Fishing, playing golf, entertaining, enjoying time in the outdoors with the family or starting a new hobby all are within reach when the yard stays fresh and green all year round. Check it all out at and view the photo gallery to see the possibilities. Life will never be the same!