In today’s modern, fast paced and ever increasing environmentally conscious world it is indeed reassuring to know there’s never been a better time to fake it.

Eileen and Peter Nethercot of Island Leisure Resort, Magnetic Island did just that, they faked it with the help of Lush Turf Solutions. Artificial turf has bared the brunt of much criticism over the years, plastic looking, flat pile grass is definitely a thing of the past. With continued improvements in manufacturing and the capability to produce premium synthetic turf to our specific requirements, soft, lush synthetic grass is readily available.

Lush Turf Solution’s Lush Meadow and Lush Lawn ranges are manufactured for the Australian climate, providing fibres that are UV stabilised along with multi layer backing that ensures the durability required in a high end quality product guaranteed to stand the test of time in our harsh, unpredictable climate.

Picture yourself coming back to your luxurious apartment after an afternoon at the beach, no need to wear thongs to avoid those nasty bindies, gum nuts or loose blades of grass. No need to wipe your feet on the door mat to rid yourself of dust, sand or bugs! All you feel under your feet is the soft, plush pile of our natural looking turf.

Eileen and Peter are continually hearing fantastic feedback from their guests, from how natural the resorts lawn looks and feels to feeling the satisfaction of learning the children visiting their resort love doing cartwheels and playing on the grassed areas.

Not only does fake grass offer pleasing aesthetic views as well as more ways to utilise ‘dead’ space, it also gives you peace of mind knowing you are helping the environment. There is increasing pressure nowadays to be conscious of what impact our actions have on our environment. Installing artificial grass reduces water consumption, let’s face it with water restrictions in force more and more we must be pro active in utilising ways to conserve our precious H2O.

No more fertilisers or harmful pesticides that pollute our groundwater. It’s easy to dismiss this by thinking ‘One person not using them isn’t going to make a difference’ but it’s not just one person, it’s thousands of people every day. If each of us takes the time to change our habits it will make a positive impact all round.

Did you know according to EPA data a ride on mower’s emissions equates to 34 cars??? Food for thought really…