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Lush Turf Solutions’ Synthetic Grass is completely safe for your family and pets. No heavy metals are used in the manufacturing process.

The fibres are non abrasive so no more grazed knees or ‘carpet burns’.

Consumers are more aware of the alternatives to the older style Synthetic Grass. Selecting Lush Lawn and Lush Meadow for a softer and more natural looking landscape.

Pet mess will not stain the fibres, just scoop and hose off as you would with natural turf. As for strength – Pi, and his friends at Dreamworlds Tiger Cub enclosure are still enjoying our Synthetic Grass. It’s tough enough for tigers and will certainly withstand the use from family pets.

Drainage-holes- FAQs

Our product has drainage holes throughout the base allowing water to escape into the permeable sub base. We also grade contour the sub-base to assist water flow to existing drains or garden beds.

In most cases the turf is laid over a sub base of compacted crusher dust or a combination of road base and crusher dust depending on site conditions.

The turf is rolled into place, fitted and trimmed so you have a neat finish around any obstacles. The turf is secured with galvanised pegs for extra anchorage.

For more details see our installation video:

DIY-Constance FAQs

Synthetic-Turf-rolls-Small FAQs

Yes, we hold stock in our warehouse and can deliver in Australia wide and beyond. The consumables you will need such as pins, tape and adhesive are available from our Brisbane office.  We also have an online video which will assist you with your install. View our installation video.

Our products will last in-excess of 15 years . Lush Lawn, Lush Meadow and Pro Putt are backed by an 8 year warranty covered by the company, not a third party. The UV stable fibres and extremely durable backing are designed to withstand our harsh climate . We assure you of a quality product and installation process that will last the test of time.

In a few words… very little, a blower vac, broom, plastic rake or hose can be used to remove falling leaves and other debris from the turf.

Spruce up the fibres by brushing against the pile.