The pace of life today just seems to be speeding up – most of us barely have time to look after ourselves, let alone having to worry about maintaining our lawns. More and more home owners are turning to synthetic grass as a low-maintenance alternative to greening up their yards.

Why Choose Synthetic Grass over Real Grass?

Most of the time, we feel that ‘fake’ is bad but, if you sit down and think about it, synthetic turf makes a lot more sense.

Instant Green

There is no need to coddle your lawn, you simply have the turf laid and you have the perfect lawn. There is no need to worry about patches of dirt where the grass hasn’t taken or patches of weeds – just nice even lawn.

You also have a great lawn in any weather – you don’t have to worry about your grass dying off, no matter how dry or hot the weather gets outside.

In fact, you really only need to worry about watering it if it starts to look a little grubby. (Most of the time, the rain will take care of that for you.)

Save Yourself Time

The big advantage of this type of lawn is that it will never grow – you will also have a perfectly trimmed and maintained lawn without having to spend Saturday afternoons mowing it.

You may just need to rake it occasionally and wash it down to break up any matted fibres.

Save Yourself Money

True, initially it is more expensive to lay the synthetic turf than to plant grass but if you look at it over the long-term, there are quite significant savings to be made.

You have no need to buy a mower, no need to spend money having a landscaping service and you will also save on water costs and fertilisers.

Environmentally it’s Better

The lawn is also a lot more environmentally friendly. You don’t need to add chemical fertilisers and this reduces the environmental impact of the lawn.

There is also a significant saving in terms of water and this is probably the most important environmental aspect. With water becoming more expensive and scarcer, this is a much better option to real grass, which requires regular watering.

It is not all sunshine and roses though – many people feel that the artificial grass feels different from real grass and they are put off by that. Whilst it is true that the artificial grass does have a different feel to it, we have come a long way from the very hard artificial grass that was initially developed.

What it boils down to, in the end, is deciding whether or not your leisure time is better spent with your family or pushing a mower.