When it comes to synthetic grass there is the obvious upside of not having to water, mow, weed or fertilise. But there is also a greater benefit for those who suffer from grass allergies. To allergy sufferers, the idea of getting out in their back yards and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air is not such a tempting one.

What causes grass allergies?

Suffering from grass allergies is a real issue and is quite unpleasant. Real grass and weeds release pollens into the air; this usually occurs more in summer and spring.

What are the symptoms?

Some sufferers experience more symptoms than others and some can be quite severe. The most common symptoms of grass allergies are headache, fatigue, itchy and/or watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and even difficulty breathing.

Grass allergies are irritated further by doing activities that stir up the pollens more. Gardening and mowing are major causes of this but sufferers also find that simply being too close to real grass can activate it.

Grass allergies are often confused for hay fever because the symptoms are so similar. There are medications to help with symptoms of grass allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer you would understand that in your own home you don’t want to have to take a tablet everyday just so you can go outside.

People who suffer from grass allergies can feel hindered by this affliction as they avoid doing activities that can set off the sneezes. The good news is that all because of Lush Turf Solutions the beauty of grass can be enjoyed in your own yard without the upset of the allergies.

Synthetic grass is the answer

Because synthetic grass stays short the amount of pollen and dust trapped there to later be released is minimal. You can even hose your synthetic grass down to reduce the pollen count even further. Spore and other bacteria that can set off sensitive immune systems are also not a problem with synthetic grass.

The grass products supplied at Lush Turf Solutions are of high quality, durable material. Their synthetic turf is perfectly safe as there are no heavy metals or harmful chemicals. They are Australian owned and boast many years of successful experience in the industry.

Contact the team today for the highest quality synthetic turf installation. Thanks to Lush Turf solutions you can get set to enjoy your back yard in freedom minus the headache, sneezing and irritated eyes.