Artificial grass is not really a new concept to the world. It has been used for many years in sports complexes and playgrounds. Made out of synthetic fibres, it looks very much like real grass but requires no maintenance even if used heavily. Realizing the huge benefits of artificial grass, its usage has now been extended to residential and commercial places as well. This is because the quality of synthetic grass has been improved considerably and the cost of maintenance comes out to be actually lower than the real grass if used for a long term.

There are numerous benefits of synthetic grass that makes it use more and more popular. Firstly, it is not affected by changes in the environment. Lack of sunlight, strong winds and no rainfall will not wither away the artificial turf. Secondly, it is very helpful in conserving water. Thirdly, it helps you save time and energy by not having to get the lawn mowed every now and then. Fourthly, it does not get messy and muddy. Lastly, it is an environment-friendly solution to gardening. This is because by using artificial grass you are reducing the use of gas-driven lawn-mowers, saving electricity off the electrical lawn-mowers and by restricting the use of fertilizers that are damaging the environment.

Many people have realized that to use synthetic grass is very economical. Even though the installation costs can seem high, the overall costs spread over many years of usage will turn out much lower as compared to real grass. You are able to save all the money you were going to spend on the labour costs, fertilizers, pesticides and lawn mowing equipment required for maintenance. Another way you save is by not having to get a replacement as it is much less affected by extreme weather (unlike its natural counterpart). Also, the time saved by not having to maintain the lawn can be utilized in doing something more productive. Water bills are also reduced considerably as synthetic turf only requires occasional brushing or blow vac. One more expense that is reduced is that of the cleaning agents and detergents used when your children and pets walk inside the house covered with mud.

Artificial turf gives you an all year round green lawn and allows you beautiful landscaping for your garden. It is ideal for roof gardens and around swimming pools. It is a cleaner and hygienically safe option if you have pets and small children in the house. There is a wide variety to choose from the inexpensive to high quality turf. Prices vary according to the texture and blade count.