Have you ever bought something like a piece of flat-pack furniture or on a bigger scale, a lawn shed or carport, quite confident that putting it together would be easy? Did your project work out well, or turn into a nightmare? Simple calculation errors, not having the right tools and trying to improvise could turn what seems to be a simple task into a frustrating, time consuming chore that, even when finished, never looks quite right.

Looks Easy – What Could Go Wrong?

This type of situation can easily occur when doing other tasks that look simple, like laying synthetic turf. In theory, it should be just be a matter of removing any grass or weeds from the area that is to be treated, filling and compacting the sub base to correct levels and fall and rolling out the new product, tidying up the joins and walking away. In practice, it is a little more complicated than that, especially for a difficult site.

Installing Synthetic Turf is a Specialised Process

When we sell our synthetic turf to our customers, we offer the option of having it professionally installed. At Lush Turf Solutions our team of experienced installers will assess your site, firstly to determine the type of sub base required and then to establish levels, depths and compaction rates.

The existing lawn is then removed and the site excavated to the depth assessed as suitable for the particular location. Following the excavation, the sub base of compacted crusher dust is laid. It needs to be levelled, graded and compacted with care to ensure that water still flows as usual into the existing drains. The final step is to fit and secure the turf.

There is No Substitute for Experience

The skills and experience of the installation contractors in this process should never be underestimated. No two sites are exactly the same, and often, when excavating the site and removing the topsoil, unexpected issues arise. It is the way in which these issues are handled that means the difference between a mediocre result and the outstanding results our installers consistently achieve.

Other Things to Look for When Hiring Contractors

If you are looking for an installation contractor to lay your new synthetic turf, they need to have not only these skills, but also other things you may not have considered. Do they have the required health and safety equipment and processes to secure the site? Is their equipment in good condition and not likely to cause injury to any of the workers or even people walking by the property? Do they have the required insurances in case something goes wrong?

Our Installers have it All

We know our team, their skills and the level of service they deliver. When you buy your turf from us, you are free to choose whomever you wish to install it, but when you have a proven and experienced team at your disposal, why would you search any further.