1965 was a great year for inventions. Not only did we see the first home smoke detectors, compact discs, and the original Star Trek series, but we saw the original synthetic grass dubbed ‘Chem Turf’ come to life.

From Chem to Astro

It wasn’t until 1966 that we saw it in wide use. The popular Astrodome Stadium had encountered a problem with their natural grass. Well, more accurately the sportsman that used the field had a problem with visibility with the glaring Houston sun and as a response, the Astrodome team painted over the domed roof to fix the problem. Naturally, it meant that their grass would soon die as there was no sunlight entering the stadium.

To combat this problem, they used ‘Chem Turf’. It was the first widely publicised use of synthetic grass becoming the first artificial grass ever to have sports played on. Due to its unique and revolutionary nature, the green nylon fibres of ‘Chem turf’ were given the new name of ‘Astroturf’, signifying the importance of its use at this time.

European Influence

The popular growth of synthetic turf soon found its way across the water in Europe in the 1970’s. This also saw the introduction of a new type of synthetic grass carpet, made from polypropylene, a cheaper alternative to the nylon original. Eventually this was made to also look more like natural grass, with longer blades and sandy bases used to add a real life feel to the product. However, this caused some injuries with the blades and sand causing abrasions and ‘burns’ on sports players.

Redesigning a winner

Due to this, there was a demand to reinvent the grass so that it was suitable across all forms of sports and leisure. This is where you see the popular turf that is used today by sporting companies, stadiums, businesses and home owners across the world. With a softer material at the forefront of the design, this new turf was the best alternative to natural grass. It functioned exactly like its natural counterpart, and this allowed for users to go unharmed when using it.

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