Recent statistics show that Australians love to share their dwellings with a non-human, with 63% of households owning pets. Of these, 40% are dogs and there is nothing a dog loves more than chasing a ball around the backyard, rolling in the grass and bringing the ensuing mess up into the house. If this sounds like your beloved pooch, you can eliminate this extra housework and still give the furry one unfettered access to the backyard.

Synthetic turf is the solution, giving you a lush, green yard all year round with minimal maintenance, and providing an environment your dog will relish. You may have already considered this option, but were concerned about the effect on your pet. Our high quality synthetic turf is pet friendly; however, if you are still unsure, here are some of the benefits a Lush Turf Solutions yard offers dog owners.

A Soft, Safe Surface for Rest and Play

Our synthetic turf is so similar to natural grass that it is likely your pet will not notice the difference, except for a couple of important things. The fibres used in the manufacturing process are non-abrasive and soft enough to ensure that rough and tumble play does not result in missing patches of skin and fur.

The other benefit is the complete lack of problem weeds like paspalum, bindii eye, clover and others that leave prickles, or in the case of paspalum, sticky seeds that cling to the coat or get into the eyes of your pet. Prickles can get between the toes and cause discomfort, and seeds can irritate the eyes, which could result in a visit to the vet.

No More Mud or Grit in the House

Synthetic turf is not susceptible to lawn grubs and other pests that can cause patches, so your lawn will always have full coverage. This means the end of your dog rolling in dirt, or worse still, mud, if it has been raining. It also means that this grit and mud will no longer find its way into the house and damage your carpets and flooring. If the pooch misses this experience, you can always take him to the off-leash dog park, then home via the dog wash.

Reduced Incidence of Skin Conditions

Fleas and other bugs thrive in the organic material present in garden soil and grass, and can cause skin irritations in pets that spend a lot of time outside. These dermatitis-like conditions cause them distress, with constant scratching that leaves the skin broken and bleeding. Our Lush Turf Solutions products are free of organic matter, so there is no opportunity for these pests to establish themselves in your backyard. Life will be much more comfortable for your pet and save you the cost of expensive treatments.

Your beloved pet will love our synthetic turf and the positive effect it will have on its comfort and lifestyle.