When it comes to keeping your lawn green in any weather conditions, you will want the best synthetic turf. For the best results, you need to consult a professional company that holds itself to the highest quality standards.

Lush Turf Solutions is the perfect partner in creating a perfectly green and lush lawn in no time flat.

Need the Turf Installed for you?

Simply call up Lush Turf Solutions and they will send someone out to measure the area and to determine the best and most cost effective way to lay the artificial turf. The team of professional installers will then come in and install your lawn quickly and expertly.

Want to Do it Yourself?

Should you prefer to do everything yourself, they will be more than happy to assist you with all the supplies that you would need. They will also provide full instructions to allow you to install it properly.

Delivery or Fetch it Yourself?

They will deliver countrywide or you are able to fetch your order from their warehouse. Simply note your choice with your order and they will give you a freight estimate as well.

Steps for Self-Installation:

Preparing the Site

How you prepare the site will depend on the type of surface. Should you be laying the turf over pavers, timber, tiles or concrete, you will not need to prepare a crusher dust sub-base.

Whatever the surface, make sure that the area is clear of dirt and debris.

Using Crusher Dust

If you do need to apply crusher dust, you must make sure that it is at least 50mm deep and has a slight fall in order to assist proper drainage.

Start by spreading the dust evenly, using a rake or bar. You will then need to compact the dust so that it creates a firm and even base. When properly compacted, the dust will not hold footprints when walked on. Slightly dampen the dust whilst compacting.

Laying the Turf

You need to decide the direction in which the pile is going to lie and ensure that all the pieces are placed in the same way. Mark the area and roll the artificial turf out. Cut using a Stanley knife.

Make sure that the turf is laid flat and that there are no ripples. You will need to cut around obstacles before securing the pieces with galvanised pins. (Approximately every 600mm.)

Joining and Gluing

Make sure to join the pieces properly so that they line up. Then apply the joining tape and ensure that it is evenly spaced on either side of the join. Pin the pieces before you apply the glue. Should the glue spill, you can clean it up with Meths.

Finishing it Off

Once the glue has dried, you just need to brush the pile with a firm bristled brush. Be careful not to disrupt the joins.

Installation of your new lawn is simple and maintaining it is even easier. Never worry about mowing the lawn or brown patches again.