image001 Keep Your Artificial Lawn Fresh and Clean Are you fed up with problem areas in your yard? Got a shady area where you just can’t grow anything? Is it time to overhaul that concrete pool surround?

Lush Turf Solutions, leading suppliers of premium quality synthetic turf, have the answer.

Installing fake grass, astroturf, synthetic turf, is the perfect solution. Gone is the cold, grey look of concrete. No more getting down on hands and knees to scrub tiles and grout. Sell the lawn mower, the whipper snipper, throw away the broom, put and end to those dusty sweeping sessions.

Artificial turf will instantly enhance the look of your pool surround, court yard, balcony and more, promising lush, green grass all year round. Instead of having to spend your time scooping grass clippings out of your pool you will now spend your precious time with coffee in hand, admiring your immaculate patch of heaven. The advantages of installing fake turf certainly make your initial investment one you will wish you had made sooner.

It doesn’t matter in what style you live, apartment, unit, terrace, duplex, the sky’s the limit when considering when, where and how fake grass will enhance your day to day living space.

Continual research, improvements in technology and ever growing environmental concerns have led to synthetic turf being extremely life like. What more could you want when it comes to convenience, helping the environment and saving money on upkeep and maintenance, not to mention our precious water supply.image003 Keep Your Artificial Lawn Fresh and Clean

Caring for your new synthetic grass is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Leaves can be removed with a plastic rake, blower vac or even the trusty vacuum cleaner. Installing fake grass also results in minimal weeding, the occasional weed may pop up, no problem – a quick squirt with round up will soon fix that.

So what’s the best part about installing Lush Turf Solution’s premium products? Aside from your new, fabulous looking, manicured, low maintenance landscape…more time for you! Now you can soak up some rays, read a book, have a cuppa, play with the dog – the list is endless. One thing you can be certain of, you no longer will find yourself having to do tedious, mundane tasks in the garden anymore. No more mowing, sweeping, scrubbing, hosing, tending to and cursing at the drab, boring, dusty, weed ridden eyesore anymore! Fake grass, astro turf, synthetic turf – it’s all the same…it’s the way of the future!