Every day the climate changes and trends turn a new corner, making it harder and harder to maintain a contemporary landscaped garden without constant maintenance and redesign.

Enter synthetic turf. Not only is it cost effective and time efficient, advancing synthetic turf technology means there is now more options to choose from to create the perfect patch of grass.

As our urban spaces get smaller, home owners, developers and gardeners alike are having to get more savvy on creating usable, aesthetically pleasing areas to substitute natural landscapes. Throw in the growing trend of plush indoor gardens and it’s easy to see how demand for designer grass is on the rise.

z2 Maximum Impact, Minimum Fuss: Designer Gardens with Synthetic Grass z Maximum Impact, Minimum Fuss: Designer Gardens with Synthetic Grass

The perfect pile

Forget about rogue seeds infecting your carefully planted lawn, the beauty of synthetic turf is you know exactly what you’re going to get, every time. Improving technology means turf can now be custom made to suit your specifications. Some key things to consider when designing your space and choosing your pile are:


Whether you’re designing the perfect inner city courtyard, rooftop garden, country backyard or an on-trend indoor greenspace, the length of your pile can have a dramatic impact on the feel. Longer piles such as our Lush Meadow and Lush Lawn varieties create a soft natural lawn look and are ideal for outdoor areas where as shorter pile Pro Putt is ideal for indoor fit outs.


Yes, the grass is greener with lush turf, but it’s also more yellow, white, black, blue and red! Whether you’re getting quirky in your home, building a designer kids play area or jumping on the hospitality turf trend, you can now mix up your designer grass with a range of colours. Match your cushions, match your curtains – it’s now never been easier to create seamless colour schemes inside and out.


One of the most important considerations when designing your space is use. Will it be exposed to the elements, does it have high traffic, will your pets be on it? While there is minimal maintenance involved in synthetic grass, pre-thinking can save you time down the track. Check out our tips for turf care to get some ideas on what might suit your area.

Whether you’re redesigning a courtyard, building a yard from scratch or simply wanting some more information, contact our team to discuss your options. Our experienced staff have years of industry experience and can help you determine the best solution for you.