Artificial Turf: Don’t Mow this Holiday Season

Synthetic grass has wonderful benefits to every installation. The best thing about it is that you will never have to mow it! Artificial turf will stay on looking its best with minimal amount of maintenance required as compared to the natural grass. This means that you can thoroughly enjoy your holiday season without having to worry about the appearance and maintenance of your lawn. The lush green lawn will add more joy to the festive season making your house look beautiful, well maintained, and welcoming for sharing precious moments with your special guests.

Astro turf, or synthetic grass does not require huge investment of time, effort or money for its maintenance. When well taken care of, it can even last a lifetime. All you need to do is occasional hosing and some use of detergent to keep it sparkling new. Think of all the time and energy that can be saved when you do not have to mow, water or fertilize your lawn.

To leisurely enjoy a holiday, you might be interested in playing an outdoor sport with your friends or relatives. Golf is possible even in your backyard by creating a perfect landscape with astro turf. This is tough, durable, easy to install and easy to maintain. It is also free from various hazards and instability of the natural grass. This makes it a great option for playing golf, football or any other outdoor sport.

Outdoors are great for arranging small family get togethers or any other event, especially during holidays. Synthetic turf makes your house look more attractive and your lawn wonderful for such arrangements. Just before the party, all you need to do is remove any organic debris, apply sanitizing agents to the surface, and brush fibres. Occasionally you may also want to refresh the in-fills to give it an improved look.

There is an environmental impact of installing artificial grass. As there is no need to water the lawn, considerable amount of water can be saved. One hour of operation of a lawn mower creates the same amount of pollution as does driving a car for about 20 kilometres. Also, artificial grass lawn does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides. This also has a softer impact on the environment.

Nothing feels better than knowing there is no need to mow or maintain the lawn, especially in the holiday season. So, by installing artificial grass, you can enjoy your holidays while your lawn looks lush green and beautiful.