The benefits of synthetic grass in residential homes are many. Our team at Lush Turf Solutions are constantly thrilled at the great feedback from happy customers on such a fantastic product. The great news about our high-quality synthetic turf is that it is also perfect for industrial application and use in public spaces.

Schools, parks, playing fields, businesses and more are all cottoning on to the idea that synthetic grass is a great solution, especially if they are finding that natural grass is not growing well and looking worse for wear.

Lowering the Environmental Impact

How the grass looks at a business or public area can really make or break a first impression so it’s important that it looks good. When you think about it, public areas with grass require a good deal of mowing, watering and fertilising, amongst others.

These maintenance tasks all create an environmental impact in some way. For example, a large amount of water can be used in order to water and keep the grass green in public spaces, and water is too precious to waste.

Lawn mowers require fuel, which can have an environmental impact and unless the fertiliser used is natural then this can pose an issue with poisons, for example, that are not great for the environment or the health of humans.

Lowering the Cost and Workload

Alongside the cost to the environment, maintenance on grass is a cost to the budget too. When it comes to business and public areas run by local council the budget can sometimes be tight. There is often money to be spent in other areas such as wages, public liability insurances.

Our Lush Turf Solutions synthetic grass is incredibly low maintenance. This means there is money saved on paying for groundsmen to maintain grass on a regular basis and also on paying for fertilisers, as well as other expenses.

The benefits to having synthetic grass added to public areas and business are many. On top of the savings, your grass will look aesthetically pleasing all year round, thus creating a great first impression whilst creating a space that is beautiful for anyone who wishes to spend time here.

We offer a price guarantee and a high-quality product that is perfect for our Australian climate. For more information on synthetic grass for your business, school or other public areas, contact our team today. Our experience and solid reputation in the industry makes us the best choice for beautiful synthetic grass all year round.