Owning a dog comes with great responsibility and often, a great mess. Dogs love digging, running and generally causing a little havoc in their back yards often to the chagrin of the owners.
At Lush Turf Solutions we have an answer for dog owners, which is sure to keep your home and yard cleaner and looking fantastic no matter what your pooch throws at it.

Daily excitement and grass wear

Are you the proud owner of a dog that loves to run back and forth on your grass, chasing bugs, balls, anything? You will know too well then the mess that is soon created as grass becomes patchy and worn.
More dirt begins to appear and before too long there are more pot holes in your yard than on the road. Enter rainy days and you have a mud bath waiting to happen, hopefully not one your dog washes in and then runs indoors.
With our amazing product you can create a dog run that you don’t need to worry about becoming worn. There will be no holes and no mud when the rain comes.

Hygiene and health

Synthetic grass from Lush Turf Solutions is incredibly easy to keep clean. A simple hose off or sweep and the mess is gone. You don’t need to worry about grass tics or other nasties that can irritate the sensitive skin on your dog with our synthetic grass either.

Great for Kennels

Alongside adding synthetic grass for a dog run you can also add it to the kennel of your dog. This will eliminate the need for blankets or dog mattresses as padding, which can become filthy and smelly.
Synthetic grass in the kennel will keep it cleaner and smelling fresher and creates a nice comfortable retreat for your furry friend when it’s time to slowing down and taking a rest.

You can do it yourself

Everyone likes a bit of DIY these days. Thankfully our fantastic product is available to purchase so you can install it yourself. This means if you are in a remote area or you only need a small area grassed you can simply order and have it posted within Australia.
You can also order all the appropriate items such as adhesive, tape and pins to ensure correct installation with instructional DVD.
At Lush Turf Solutions we highly recommend our product for dog owners who are looking for a cleaner hassle free area for dogs to rest and run. Contact us today to discuss your synthetic grass needs.