Most people often want to have greenery in their homes or offices. Some for the aesthetic, others because they want more green spaces to create a better environment.

However, while lawns and the like might be great in these environments, synthetic grass is actually more eco-friendly then you realise. Lush Turf Solutions have compiled a few reasons why investing in artificial grass can reduce the use of harmful chemicals and precious resources.

Helps with water usage

For you to have beautiful, green and luscious natural grass it needs to be watered often. Especially during summer and the drier seasons. Garden sprinkles use up to 1000 litres per hour and garden drippers are estimated to use 4 litres of water an hour. 

Fake Grass doesn’t need to be watered and therefore you’ll be able to save a significant amount of water usage. An occasional hose, if we have not had rain helps to keep your artificial turf looking beautiful. Comparatively it’s still less water than real grass would need.

No need for chemicals

Those with real grass will often use weedkillers, herbicides, pesticides or other such chemicals to protect the grass from diseases or pests. These chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals and even the environment when it makes its way to local waters.

Using synthetic grass means you don’t need to use these chemicals as pests rarely inhabit fake grass. Not only do you save yourself some money by not buying these chemicals, you also reduce the chance of them contaminating local waters.

Less carbon emissions

When it comes to real grass there’s a lot of maintenance work that is involved. You’d need to mow your lawn around once a week. You would be using a strimmer, scarifiers and other equipment that runs on petrol and diesel. These products emit gases that aren’t great for the environment.

With synthetic lawns, there is very little maintenance. You may rake debris using a plastic rake or stiff bristled broom. This reduces the need to use these products and thus reducing the carbon emissions of your household.

There are many benefits to investing in artificial grass and the eco-friendliness of it is only one aspect. But an important one. So, if you’re looking for way to reduce water consumption and harmful chemicals, synthetic grass is a great way to go.

It can even be installed on your own should you want to take on that challenge. Feel free to give Lush Turf Solutions a call and we’ll walk you through getting yourself beautiful synthetic turfs.