The benefits of Synthetic Grass in schools and public places

If you were to ask a student what it is they liked most about school many will say sports and hanging out with friends. Sports and recreation play a big role in all students’ school lives and can have a lasting impact for the rest of their lives.

While sports many years ago was traditionally played on natural grass or concrete the thinking used to be that Synthetic Grass surfaces were not as safe as natural grass to play on as they were more likely to lead to minor injuries such as bruises or knee injuries.

These days, thanks to modern technology and improved installation techniques, not only is Artificial Grass easier to maintain, looks good and creates a safe, sustainable environment, it has also been proven through recent studies that Synthetic Turf injury rates are now lower than natural surfaces.

Why Synthetic Grass is good for schools & public places:

  • No watering
  • No Mowing
  • No Fertilizer
  • No Weeding
  • It doesn’t get muddy when it rains
  • It can be used 24/7

The economical and environmental impact on using Artificial Grass is obvious when you think about how much water will be saved each year and how much less pollution will go into the atmosphere from lawn mower exhausts and poisons that are used to kill the weeds.

What are some more benefits of Artificial Grass?

Another huge bonus is that if there is a drought or water restrictions you don’t have to worry about how the sports or play areas will be affected because the lawn will look lush and green – all year round.

Other studies have also shown that schools and public places that have converted from natural grass to Artificial Grass have an increased usage of up to 300% due to there being almost no down time for poor quality surfaces.

If your school sports area or playground has a problem area that is unsightly or difficult to maintain then transforming your landscape with lush green turf 365 days a year could be the solution you have been waiting for.