In regions that experience extreme weather conditions it can be difficult to maintain a lush green natural lawn throughout the year. The Australian environment, for example, is not suitable for managing a natural lawn easily. Even though the installation costs of natural grass are slightly lower than that of artificial grass, the latter turns out to be a cheaper and more lush looking solution overall. This is due the large maintenance costs of natural grass which can be saved with installation of artificial grass which will look lush and green over 15 – 20 years before it needs any major repair or replacement, making it a far more efficient option that it’s natural counterpart.

Artificial grass has a number of benefits over natural grass:

No More Mowing

You do not have to spend hours on mowing the grass as in the case of natural grass. This not only saves time and effort but also the expense of fuel from the mower. and reduces carbon omissions. With all the cost savings, the lawn still looks lush green and healthy.

No More Watering

There can be huge water consumption when natural grass is involved. Artificial grass reduces the water bill and conserves the resource and this goes in favour of the argument that artificial grass is also more eco-friendly.

No Need for Fertilizers and Pesticides

With artificial grass there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides to maintain the health of the grass. This further reduces the maintenance costs again making it an economical option as compared to natural grass.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

It is very easy to install artificial grass. For smaller areas, it can be easily done using DIY kits, and for larger areas, experts can be hired for fast and professional installation. There is very little requirement to clean artificial grass so the occasional spraying with water can be sufficient maintenance to keep the same lush green look. Also, extreme weather conditions have hardly any effect on the look of artificial grass, leaving it lush and green all year round.

Child Friendly

Children find it very easy to play on artificial turf, especially when rubber is installed in the bedding under the turf. Also there is not much risk of kids getting dirty or bruised.

Pet Friendly

Artificial turf is also ideal if you have pets in the house as there will be no more muddy paws making their way into the house. It is also easier to clean up their waste from artificial grass.

Highly Durable

Even with heavy traffic artificial turf fibres maintain their shape and texture. The durability factor makes it a much more economical option over natural lawn.

Artificial turf has many advantages over natural grass and this is why it is preferred by many homeowners, sports arenas, commercial and industrial concerns. The advancement in technology has led to a superior quality artificial grass which is more durable, attractive and is also hands down more cost-effective when used over many number of years.