Roof Tops

Synthetic Turf is a very practical product, it has many uses and applications, the most common being landscaping and sports fields.

The need for green space in modern day habitats sees a creative use of roof tops and balconies for leisure activities.

Having green space on a rooftop garden or a balcony is easy and achievable with artificial grass. The obvious challenges of laying natural grass on a roof top or balcony such as getting top soil on site and the issues of irrigation and how constant watering would affect other surfaces below the turf don’t come into play with the Synthetic grass option.

Artificial Turf can be installed on a Roof Top or Balcony with stunning results.  No watering, No Mowing, No Fertilising, just a brush or blow vac now and again to spruce up fibres and you have a practical, usable green space to enjoy without the hassles associated with natural grass.
Noosaville-cropped-image-1-300x212 Synthetic Turf for Balconies and Roof Top Gardens


Artificial Turf can be installed over timber decks to create a lush green surface to soften the landscape. Ideal to cover any timbers that are showing their age, or have been worn and stained over the years.
The turf can be nailed or glued to exiting decking, also an ideal solution to cover concrete or pavers that have lost their appeal.

After-Balcony Synthetic Turf for Balconies and Roof Top Gardens

Make the move to Synthetic grass and get creative with your outdoor space.