The most common places synthetic turf used to be seen was in the sporting sector such as tennis courts, football courts and more. However, there are more areas where beautiful synthetic turf can be used and no rules about where it can go.

Here at Lush Turf we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality synthetic turf available. As a family owned company, we understand the importance of having a reliable product installed in your business or home.

Our synthetic grass products can be viewed at the Home Ideas Centre in Brisbane or our showroom and warehouse in Capalaba. A visit to our warehouse will mean our highly experienced and friendly staff can discuss your needs with you and organise an onsite quote.

If you’re wondering where you can lay our amazing lifelike grass in your home or business, read further for some fantastic ideas on its uses.

Lawn Alternative

Synthetic turf is the perfect alternative to real grass in small yards and spaces such as townhouse courtyards and rooftops but larger yards can benefit also. Because our climate can be harsh and rain sometimes rare, real grass tends to suffer and die off.

Synthetic grass, however, is always in pristine condition. If you have children, there is no need to worry about ant nests in the back yards or grass allergies with synthetic turf. Youngsters can play safely anytime and you don’t have to worry about the mowing.

Decks, Patios and balconies can benefit from our synthetic turf, this will make the area more pleasant and comfortable to spend time, it softens hard landscaping when replacing or used in conjunction with  concrete  tiles or hard wooden flooring.

Astro Turf in pool areas is a great idea, no grass clippings or dirt going into the pool, no hassles getting the mower into confined spaces. Our ‘lush lawn’ is extremely lifelike without all the hard work.


Animals can sometimes create a lot of unsightly mess when digging up the lawn, and transferring the dirt and mud through the house. Our Artificial Turf created a cleaner environment., pet mess can be scooped and hosed Just as you would with natural grass.

If you have pets, you might like to consider synthetic turf for their sleeping areas. Adding Astro Turf to Dog kennels makes a softer place for your pooch to rest and it is easy to hose off.

Other pet enclosures will suit astro turf too such as guinea pig cages and bird cages. Our ‘pet matts’ are easy to clean and look great.

There are many other uses for Astro Turf too. Some add it to the back of their cars and utes; they use it for caravan annexes and also children’s cubby houses. If you have a space you think may benefit from synthetic turf, give us a call at Lush Turf today to find out what we can do for you.