There was a time when the words ‘fake grass’ conjured up images of short, plastic looking green carpet rather than lush, realistic looking turf. Oh, how times have changed.

Lush Turf Solutions, a family owned and operated company based in Capalaba, Queensland, recognised the need and desire for real fake grass. A continued and enthusiastic commitment to research, technological development and customer satisfaction over the years is resulting in the rejuvenation of synthetic grass.

When you think of artificial turf do you immediately see a back yard in your mind, yes and why not? There was a time when the back yard was the only place where you installed fake turf. Times were so different then though; there were no water restrictions and weekends were spent playing in the back yard as opposed to the myriad of computer games we have now. You didn’t have a choice but to head outdoors until it was time for lunch or dinner.

Lush Turf Solution’s premium synthetic turf ranges, Lush Lawn, Lush Meadow and Pro Putt are being installed in a vast array of areas, both residential and commercial. Anywhere from the back yard, front yard and courtyard to roof tops, balconies, alfresco dining areas and even up walls! The possibilities are endless.

Installation of artificial turf doesn’t need to be permanent either. Spruce up small, problematic eyesore areas such as a concrete patch or the top of your water tank with a Lush Lawn or Lush Meadow rug. Do you want to take your rug with you on the move? No problem! Weighing in at 2.5kg per square metre, you simply fold or roll up your rug and you are on your way.

There are many benefits when investing in artificial turf. Not only does fake grass offer pleasing aesthetic views as well as more ways to use ‘dead’ space, it will also save you money and time. There will be no more costly maintenance bills and within two years, you will have recouped your investment. Over a period of 15 years the benefits of installing fake turf could prospectively nett you over $17,000 in savings.

It’s true; installing synthetic turf will save you time and money. Let’s think outside the box a little more. A rapid growth in popularity for artificial turf is also saving our environment.

There is increasing pressure nowadays to be conscious of what impact our actions have on our environment. Installing artificial grass not only reduces water consumption, it also means less use of fertilisers and harmful pesticides. Let’s face it, with water restrictions in force more and more we must be proactive in finding ways to conserve our precious H2O.

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