The choice to make an investment on artificial turf from Lush Turf Solutions is a very wise one. Not only will your lawn look amazing for years to come but with us you are ensured of the highest quality artificial turf available and professional installation.

The important thing to remember after your turf is installed is you need to take care of your lawn. Just like everything in life, the better you take care of something the longer it will last. While we can guarantee our product is top of the line, you need to protect its quality after installation.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your artificial lawn.

Careful of corrosives

Certain chemicals and even organic materials can be harmful to artificial turf. Avoid harsh cleaners and only use approved products. Organic materials such as dead bugs, animal faeces and leaves can also be harmful as they break down and release corrosive chemicals.

Keep your lawn free of these items by cleaning away regularly. This can be done by using a leaf blower, hose or rake. Giving your lawn a regular hose off will make sure that organic matter is removed and that pollens don’t settle on your lawn during allergy season.

Remove spills

If something is spilt or dropped onto your synthetic grass it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Simply hose away anything that is spilt or dropped. If an item such as coffee or alcohol is spilt and it doesn’t seem to be removed easily, a little dish detergent with water may do the trick.

Any pet odours from faeces and urine can also be tackled with a little white vinegar mixed with equal parts of water.

Bacteria and mould

If you take care of your synthetic lawn, there is very little chance of mould or bacteria growing. On the off chance this does happen, however, you can apply a little hydrogen peroxide to mould or white vinegar to kill bacteria.

You always need to remember to rinse properly with fresh water to avoid chemical damage.

Avoid burns

Cigarettes and BBQs, for example, will risk damaging your artificial turf. Fibres can melt from hot smouldering items dropping onto them and so it’s best to keep these well away from your turf.

The lawn you have from Lush Turf Solutions will be the most beautiful on the street. Take care of it and treat it well for stunning green grass all year round.