Artificial grass and its demand in the market has been rapidly growing in recent years. Its first uses were usually limited to sports arenas, rugby and football fields, and baseball stadiums. Today, we see it more and more in residential and commercial applications .

If you struggle to nurture natural grass lawns for one reason tor another, these 5 benefits of artificial grass might help you to become a believer of artificial grass installation.

Environmentally Safe
top-5-benefits-of-artificial-grass Top 5 Benefits of Synthetic Grass
Contrary to the popular concept, the use of artificial grass is indeed environment-friendly, It cuts down on the use of precious water, which results to its conservation and therefore saving you the cost. It eliminates the use of lawn mowers which terminates the release of unhealthy carbon gases in the environment. It also removes the need to use chemicals from fertilisers so there are no hazardous residues left to sink underground.

Low Maintenance

Installing artificial grass in your lawn leaves you with less maintenance work. There will be no weekend mowing or trimming required, which means more time to spend on the nicer things in life and more time for you. It is perfect for holiday home owners who are not always around to look after their lawn.

No Mud, No Patches

Unlike real grass, artificial grass prevents occurrence of patches which happen when there is too much shade, or when specific areas are exposed to too much sun or damp. Artificial grass is manufactured to be durable and to last for many years, while always looking unbelievably real. On the other hand, it offers good drainage. It is designed to quickly dry after rain which eliminates buildup of mud or water puddles.

Pet Friendly

Your pets are guaranteed to love the feel of artificial grass on their fur. They can play all day without damaging your lawn or causing dead patches. There is no need to worry about the mess after they play, as artificial grass is easy to clean. Pet waste can be scooped up and hosed  away, just like you would with natural grass.

Allergy Free

Artificial grass is made to be completely neutral. They have no pollen which guarantees a safe place for kids to play around without having allergy attacks. It also provides a beautiful spot for family picnics just within the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you want to play, or simply hang around enjoying your lawn while you read a book, or have a restful snooze, your artificial grass lawn will be your best investment.