As the days start to get warmer, most people want to capitalise on those longer days in the sunlight by spending time outdoors. Many public areas and organisation will start to host a whole range of free events and activities like concerts, family days, food festivals and more.

When thinking of the aesthetics and the surface of choice to run these activities, synthetic grass is a great option! Good quality artificial turfs are low maintenance and can easily handle the high foot traffic of these events.

Direct Benefits of Using Synthetic Grass at Your Events

  • Synthetic grass doesn’t require the usual maintenance of natural grass. There’s no need for mowing, trimming or regular watering for the synthetic turf to look lush and green
  • Participants at your events can enjoy grass without getting stains on their clothes and kids can play and run around without parents worrying about them getting dirty.
  • The grass can be temporarily installed, then rolled and stored away, ready for the next event as they last for years.
  • Synthetic grass will brighten any indoor or outdoor space giving you that Spring/Summer vibe.

Events That Are Suited for Synthetic Grass 

Outdoor Fitness Class 

Artificial turf is great for doing some yoga, sled runs, meditation or simple fitness exercise. This is especially great if the event venue doesn’t have grassy areas. It’s robust, easy to clean and won’t stain or mark your active wear.

Mini Golf in the Park 

Mini golf is always a crowd favourite and using synthetic turf is a great way to set up putting greens — no matter the location. You don’t have to work about maintaining grass height and are virtually maintenance free. A good investment to attract kids, parents and couples to your event.

Food Truck Park 

For event organisers, synthetic grass is the perfect solution for any food truck park or food festival event. There’s no need for pesticides or fertilisers, so that avoids the risk of smell or chemical use where food is prepared and consumed. Plus, much more water is conserved when you don’t have to water the grass. And because of this, it’s easy to maintain the pristine, beautiful look aesthetic of green grass throughout the entire event. And to top it off, synthetic grass is super easy to clean. So even if you get spills from ice cream or drinks, they can be wiped or brushed off.

Talk to Synthetic Grass Express 

Artificial turfs and synthetic grass are great for a number of events. If you want to know more about how synthetic grass can work and be installed at your event talk to us at Lush Turf Solutions. We are the experts to help you host the best even of the season.