Outdoor events in your backyard or front garden is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and spend some quality time with your favourite people. Not having to worry about your lawn for such get togethers, means less time maintaining a natural lawn and more time planning. Synthetic grass is the way to go — especially if you’re someone who loves hosting get-togethers.

Easy Clean Up

Sometimes parties can get a bit messy, with drinks and finger food being passed around. However, with an artificial lawn the clean up is a simple process. A simple spray of the hose may be all that is required to get rid of any spills that might’ve fallen on it. If there are any crumbs, these will naturally breakdown or can be blown/vacuumed up.

Perfect for Kids

Children can be pretty sensitive to allergens like pollens, grass seeds, insects etc. that are found on natural grass. Artificial grass is usually hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain these allergens. This greatly reduces the risk of any children getting an allergic reaction while playing on artificial turf. Furthermore, good quality artificial grass is non-abrasive so no grass or carpet burns should the kids be wrestling or running around.

Comfortable Surface

Artificial grass does not get muddy like natural grass, meaning your guests don’t have to worry about getting their clothes or feet dirty. And unlike tiles and concrete, artificial grass provides a soft surface to walk on and even have a lie down.  

Great Aesthetic

Synthetic grass is always a favourite when it comes to ensuring your party atmosphere captures that spring/summer vibe. Synthetic grass comes in a range of height, colour, thickness and quality so you can pick ones that best suit your event area. From there all you need to do are add party decorations, set up tables and chairs and you now have a beautiful event space. Perfect for mingling and Instagram photos.

Ask Experts for Help

If you’re planning an outdoor party and aren’t sure what you need for a beautifully installed synthetic turf, get in touch with experts — like the ones at Lush Turf Solutions. We can talk you through the different kinds of turfs available and help you pick one that works best for your yard. We can even help you install or give you the information you need to install the turf yourself.

Get a head start on your outdoor parties with Lush Turf Solutions.